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P R O J E C T - P A S S W O R D

[keys – codes – signs - sounds]
idea of the project: Gabriele Foissner-Weinländer / Heidi Inffeld / Beate Landen / Friedrich Moser
Further ideas: Ruth Mateus-Berr / Moje Menhardt / Lei Feng / Stephan Rauch / Arnold Gallhuber / Daniel Manafi
Management: Ruth Mateus-Berr

The idea
Writers and artists are cooperating worldwide to create a joint art project.
internet is the primary medium.

First stimulus
Writers choose fragments from their work which are then put online on our website (s.a.).
The artists draw from this pool of texts. Whatever inspires them passes to the next stage.

The second step
password project = quantum x (text fragments) turns to x+1+2+3+4+5+6+...
The basis for the project are texts (x). Images inspired by texts are computer-generated and modified („painted over“) by any number of artists (+1+2+3+4+5+6....)
Different from real paint-overs, originals and all phases of the pictures are preserved and remain visible.
Instead of conventional tools the artists use IT tools for visualizing the text fragments. Every picture they create is uploaded on the passowrd project homepage and all artists get informed about new works. All password project artist may then alter the pictures, react with texts or music compositions.
The result is a complex construct based on the participation of many writers and artists.

The web
All the created works of art can be uploaded by password artists themselves.
This means that the complete process is shown online. Series relating to texts can be from individual artists or can be international interpretations of text or even a MATRIX in a reduced, web-appropriate scale, so that everybody has always access to information about the current state of the project work.

All created data files are centrally collected and organized in series on the password project homepage, in order to keep the process always transparent.
The whole process is online and in a matrix you can observe the interdisciplinary work.
After a working and collecting phase of one year (2005), password project shows its work on international exhibitions. Each exhibition is based on intercultural dialogue, i.e. artists from each country we exhibit are invited to join password

The interactive creations will be shown at significant locations all over the world in utterly different cultural contexts.
1. Movieprojection & Soundcomposition
With 2 beamers the series of artworks will be shown paralell with animated textfragments in different languages in a blackbox on two walls.
2. Improvisaton-Concert
Alternative 1 + musicians improvise LIVE to readings, projections or exhibition.
3. Reading
Authors read their own texts and/or those of other password authors LIVE. Corresponding artwork is projected on the screen.
4. Performance
At the exhibition visitors become part of the password project and interact with password project artworks.
5. Exhibition
-a) Pictures of password project are exhibited as photo prints
-b) The individual series are printed on semi-transparent fabrics and mounted on light-alloy or plastic frames for presentation as space-crossing sculptures (transported on-site by the artists themselves).
Writers who accompany the artists or are living in the cities where the exhibition is shown, read from the works from which the texts have been taken, surrounded by the art installation. Writers and the series they inspired are spotlighted. Light ist the bridge. Possibly, also sound pieces are created, contributing to the interaction of text and picture.
More information as .pdf

Places - timeline
The first foreign location was cali/colombia on march21, 2006.
After several months of additional work and the integration of local artists, the next location was mexico-city in june 2006.
The proceeding was/will be similar in beijing, new york and kraków, news

Styria/ /Culture Forum / Firma Wilhelm Schmidt Stahlbau

Password Project works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Austria License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Marco Albertazzi, Rodolfo Anaya Larios, Susan Castillo, Ingrid Coss, Ramon Farrés, Kurt Flecker, Gabriele Foissner Weinländer, Gerald Ganglbauer, Petra Ganglbauer, Walter Grond, Walter W. Hölbling, Santos Lopez, Daniel Thomas Moran, Theres Moser, Ruth O´Callaghan, Gabriele Pötscher, Dorine Ratulangie, Wolfgang Ratz, Stefan Schmitzer, Sabine Scholl, Charlotte Strobele, Aura Maria Vidales Ibarra, Peter Wolf, Dietmar Wächter

Robert Bodnar, Christine Brunner, Malgorzata Bujnicka, Lily Chan, Beata Ciunowicz, Jörg Dobrovich, Felipe dos Santos, Lei Feng, Lukas Friedrich, Teresa Frodyma, Renée Gadsden, Maria Luisa Grimani, Dirk Huylebrouck, Yuko Ichikawa, Heidi Inffeld, Emanuel Jesse, Bahman Kalantari, Beate Landen, Slawomir Lipnicki, Ruth Mateus Berr, Consuelo Mendez, Moje Menhardt, Waltraud Mohoric, Stephan Rauch, Radmila Sazdanovic, Matthias Silveri, Tatia Skhirtladze, Petra Suko, Jing Sun, Herta Tinchon, Franco Trasatti, Christoph Ueberhuber, Shobha Untersteiner, Gerald Wenzl, Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer

Igor Lintz-Maues , Zbigniew Bargielski, Rupert Huber, Friedrich Moser, Michael Moser, Xinshun Xu